Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add my organisations details to the directory?

Go to contact us and complete the form with your details. We will then send you a form to complete and your organisations details will be added to the database.

How do I report incorrect or out of date information?

You can find the ‘Suggest a Change’ button or icon in the top right hand corner of a service or organisation record. Use this form to report any issues with the record.

How do I search for an organisation?

Type the organisations name into the search bar. If the organisation is included in the database, it will appear in the search results.

How do I search for a service I am looking for?
  • Open the service domain (section of the wheel) most relevant to your needs a list of the different options available will appear select the service that you feel will met your needs.
  • Type the service name or key words into the search bar and any service that is related to your search will appear in the results.
Where do I find further information on the 'Wheel'

This concept is associate with ‘The Common Approach’ which is a prevention-focused and flexible way of working to help everyone have quality conversations with young people and their families about all aspects of their wellbeing.

Further information can be found at: